Wingmen can be found in Bars. For a fee, they will travel with you for a set length of time (several hours) helping protect you from encounters with Pirates, Retros or Kilrathi. After the stipulated time has passed they will ask you if you'd like to repeat the deal, for the same price. If you decline they fly their own way.

You can communicate with them the normal way (C and Shift-C keys) or per shortcut Shift-W to tell them who to attack or protect. This is a list of all the possible orders:

  • "Form on my wing!"
  • "Engage hostiles!"
  • "Disengage your target!"
  • "Attack my target!"
  • "Fly casually."
  • "Cover me!"
  • "Protect my target!"

A wingman replies using the generic

"You're the boss."

Ships & Pilots Edit

Wingmen fly the same ships as Hunters and are attributed as 'Hunters' in some cases. Once the player is no longer in charge of a wingman (i.e. when the hired time expires) they say the same as Hunters. They will never flee, and the NPCs have about a 75% chance to eject, noticably higher than other factions.

Reputation Edit

You have a reputation with wingmen similar to the ones you have with Fixers, the Merchants Guild and, the Mercenaries Guild. It can be viewed along with your other reputations on the Quine 5000. As your reputation with wingmen increases more and more wingmen will appear in bars, and they will have better ships. Players can lose reputation with wingmen, just as they can lose reputation with Fixers and Guilds.

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