Hey guys, if you're willing to help out this wikia that would be great! So here is a list of things that we need to finish:

Specific Pages that Require EditingEdit

  • List all the Factions in the game, ships they fly, how to increase/decrease your faction standing with them, etc.
  • Does anyone know the full effect of Wingmen reputation? I know that a higher reputation makes them appear more often in the bar, but I have also heard that they also get stronger ships later on.
  • List every possible commodity event in the game and their description when they begin and end. Maybe make a table for them later?
  • The Criminal Record page should list all possible crimes in the game, the fines you receive for them, and possibly the number of days that you will get banned on a base?
  • There are many redundant links under the crossed out Gameplay References section, might have to weed them out later.
  • An overhaul of EVERY SHIP ON THE Quick Ship Reference PAGE (mostly just the player-ownable ones though, we don't have to worry about the rest). Every ship should follow the same format as the page for the Tarsus (only first words capitalized, use the template from the source code, etc.) We just need to add infoboxes and headers with the following templates:
    |Box title    = 
    |image        = 
    |imagewidth   = 100
    |caption      = Shown with cargo expansion
    |Row 1 title  = Size class
    |Row 1 info   = 
    |Row 2 title  = Maximum speed
    |Row 2 info   = X KPS (X with Afterburners)
    |Row 3 title  = Acceleration<span style="cursor:help;color:#4682b4" title="0 to 200 KPS"><sup>?</sup></span>
    |Row 3 info   = Bad/Average/Good/Excellent (Xs)
    |Row 4 title  = Maneuverability<span style="cursor:help;color:#4682b4" title="Seconds per full rotation"><sup>?</sup></span>
    |Row 4 info   = Bad/Average/Good/Excellent (Xs)
    |Row 5 title  = Jump fuel
    |Row 5 info   = X
    |Row 6 title  = Turret mounts
    |Row 6 info   = 
    |Row 7 title  = Armor
    |Row 7 info   = Front: X
    Rear: X
    Left: X
    Right: X
    |Row 8 title  = Base shielding
    |Row 8 info   = X
    |Row 9 title  = Cargo space/Expanded
    |Row 9 info   = X/X
    |Row 10 title = Passenger space
    |Row 10 info  = X


==General Strategy==

===How to Counter This ship===
It has a maximum shield upgrade of X and engine upgrade of X.

The factions that pilot this ship are X

==Where to Buy this Ship==
===Crimson Quadrant===
Base name, system

Primeval 1, Sisyphus
Base name, system

===Alizarin Quadrant===
Base name, system

===Viridian Quadrant===
Base name, system

===Mauve Quadrant===
Base name, system

These templates can be copied and pasted into the source viewer while editing a page.

For the "Where to Buy this Ship" section of the second template, we will use this Google Docs spreadsheet (all credits go to VincentFirePony and timelessbeing for making it!)

High PriorityEdit

  • Add a page for every system in the game. Don't forget to mention where asteroids are, use e.g. New Beijing System as template.
  • A page for every planet or base.
  • Make all the pages consistent with each other (ESPECIALLY THE FONT!).
  • Fix the broken links.
  • Finish up all stubs and unfinished pages.
  • Create an interactive map with all base information on the homepage.
  • Transfer the information from the old wikia to this one.
  • Create a walkthrough for all the quests in the game (authors of their own quests are encouraged to help out!!)

Medium PriorityEdit

  • Record a couple of YouTube video of the Flyboy Maneuvuer for this page.
  • Get more people to help out.
  • Make a gallery of floor plans AND upgrade displays for each player ownable ship for the Quick Ship Reference page.
  • Decide on what to do with the crossed-out links in the middle of the homepage.

Low PriorityEdit

  • Design a logo for the homepage.
  • Make the layout look nicer.
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