Shown with cargo expansion



Size class

Light scout ship

Maximum speed

300 KPS (600 with Afterburner)


Good (5 s)


Good (3 s)

Jump fuel


Turret mounts



Front: 10 cm
Rear: 10 cm
Left: 8 cm
Right: 8 cm

Base shielding

10 cm

Cargo space/Expanded


Passenger space


The Tarsus is a light Scout Ship. It has a decent cargo space, and good acceleration and maneuverability. However it has very weak shielding and engines.

General StrategyEdit

This ship is not recommended for mercenary work as one missile can easily punch through the shielding of the Tarsus. The player should equip it with a meson blaster and torpedo launcher to defend against early Retros and Pirates, and eventually upgrade to a Demon or Orion, or, if you want to keep trading, a Galaxy.

Merchants are the only faction that pilots this ship, and can often be seen near bases or in escort missions. It has a maximum shield upgrade of 2 and engine upgrade of 1.

How to Counter this ShipEdit

Again, this is a very weak ship so the best way to destroy it is by attacking it from the sides or rear and firing missiles. The starting Tarsus should have no difficulty in dealing with this ship.

Where to Buy this ShipEdit

This is every player's starting ship, so there should be no need to ever buy one, however for 30,000 credits it's available at these shipyards:

Alizarin QuadrantEdit

Crimson QuadrantEdit

Mauve QuadrantEdit


Viridian QuadrantEdit

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