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Stille is a planet (or moon?) in the Sturm System, located at Nav 3, and its look is distinct from any other in the game. It is a gray, inhospitable place, the rocky and dusty surface pockmarked by numerous craters, with no atmosphere protecting it. Nothing can survive outside the three connected plasteel domes housing the base.

While its commodities are consistent with that of a mining base, Stille is not categorized as such on the Quine's map, i.e. it is not listed as "Stille (Mining)", but remains uncategorized like Ganim and a handful of other planets. It is also the only mining base not located on an asteroid.




Top Imports: Mining Equipment, Robot Workers, Tobacco, Grain, Liquor, Construction, Holographics, Medical Equipment, PlayThing™, Generic Foods

Top Exports: Plutonium, Uranium, Iron, Gems, Tungsten

Stille from space

Contraband: Plutonium, Uranium, Slaves, Tobacco