These events are generated at random times; the planets/bases they affect are often also random, so the locations named below need not apply. The bartender knows about them first, about six hours later they are also reported in your Quine 5000 under 'Trade News'.

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Selling OpportunitiesEdit

Commodity events that increase the local price of affected commodities are listed here.

Uranium/Plutonium Event
Begin Despite environmentalist protests, new fission reactor on (base), (system) system to open in three days.
End Environmentalists protest at grand opening of new fission reactor on (base) in the (system) system. Locals, however, are pleased with the new reactor.
Effect Raises price of Uranium and Plutonium on the base. (Contraband!)
Basin Blaze
Begin A massive fire on Basin in the Loye system burnt a whole bunch of factories to the ground.
End Temporary factories have been built on Basin, Loye and production levels are almost back to normal.
Effect Planet's exchange buys Factory Equipment at more than 2x index price.
Potential Strike
Begin Municipal decision on Pyrdion, Loye system to replace local workforce with robots enrages workers. A strike may be just around the corner.
End Strike avoided on Pyrdion, Loye system. Robots will only replace part of local workforce, which in turn has been reinstated for robot repair and maintenance.
Effect Price of Robot Workers on the planet increases.
Restaurant Stint
Begin New exclusive restaurant to open on Iridion in the Zepyranth system. Famous actor Rostislav Dmitriyev owns ninety percent.
End New exclusive restaurant opened by actor Rostislav Dmitriyev on Iridion, Zepyranth system goes bankrupt after only 5 days in business.
Effect Price of Luxury Foods on this planet increases.
Increased Drug Usage
Begin Substantial increase in drug users on Minos, Icarus system has local health officials worried.
End Local police cooperates with schools and workplaces on Minos in the Icarus system to battle increased drugs usage. Preliminary results already indicate a decrease in users.
Effect Price of Brilliance and Ultimate on the base rises. (Contraband!)
Retros Attack Vichy
Begin A terrorist attack by Retros destroys food stores on Manurhin, Vichy system. Local officials are struggling to avoid widespread famine.
End Manurhin in the Vichy system has now fully replenished food stores after terrorist attack.
Effect Various food prices rise on the planet.

Epidemic Outbreak

Begin Epidemic outbreak on New Frankfurt, New Frankfurt system threatens local economy. Authorities scramble to administer vaccines in an attempt to contain the epidemic.
End Outbreak of epidemic on New Frankfurt in the New Frankfurt system is under control. Only a few infected patients left in the hospitals.
Effect Increased medical equipment prices on this planet.

Weapons Craze

Begin Fear of recent enemy movements through Haack system has population of Nuk's End scrambling for personal arms. Local authorities are "concerned" with the development.
End Government assurances on Nuk's End, Haack that there are no enemy movements in the system causes sales of personal arms to return to normal levels.
Effect Increased weaponry prices there. (Contraband!)

Holiday Season

Begin Holiday season approaching on New Beijing in the New Beijing system. Home entertainment is the most popular present this year.
End With the holiday season now over on New Beijing, New Beijing system, shops report 984000 units of home entertainment sold.
Effect Planet has increased prices for whatever is named in the message.

Spaceport Construction

Begin Basin in the Loye system to begin construction of new spaceport. Estimated cost: 200 billion credits. Local resident: "I don't know what we need that for..."
End Construction of new spaceport on Basin, Loye system has been cancelled.
Effect On this planet higher construction prices.

Buying OpportunitiesEdit

Commodity events that decrease the local price of affected commodities are listed here.

New Mine
Begin Newly opened mine on Nuk's End, Haack system uncovers large gems deposit.
End Gems deposit on Nuk's End in the Haack system has been emptied. Average income on base increased by 115% as a result.
Effect Price of Gems on this mining base plummets.
Xidan Strike
Begin Strike on Xidan in the New Beijing system leaves manufacturers with plastic waste problem.
End Strike has been disbanded on Xidan, New Beijing. Plastic waste problems solved.
Effect Base's exchange has an abundance of cheap Plastic.
Space Battle Cleanup
Begin Nearby space battle leaves massive cleanup job for Slavneft in the Mendeleev system. Local scavengers are thrilled.
End Slavneft in the Mendeleev system happy to report that cleanup after nearby space battle was easier than first expected.
Effect Price of Space Salvage on this base decreases.

Fuel Experiment

Begin Experiment with new solid ship fuel proves very promising. Lead scientist, Doctor Melanie Obenauer, on Slavneft refinery in the Mendeleev system expects the new fuel to reach current fuel prices in a matter of months.
End New solid fuel experiment on Slavneft in the Mendeleev system declared a failure by lead scientist, Doctor Melanie Obenauer.
Effect Cheap advanced fuels prices in this refinery.

Currently UncategorizedEdit

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Begin Planned construction of new Confed fleet results in huge metal order for (base) (base type) in the (system) system.
End (base), (system) reports that it now has all the required metal for fleet construction.
Effect ?

Slave Legalisation

Begin Local government on Andingmen in the New Beijing system passes law to legalize slave labor. Human rights groups are appalled.
End Slave legalization law on Andingmen, New Beijing System has been revoked.
Effect Self-explantory (Slaves is a contraband)
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