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Sector map

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The Quine 5000 is a personal computer that the player can use to check where they are, see active missions, save and load a game, check their stats with different groups and factions and see the ship's manifest (cargo hold inventory).

To use the Quine either you have to be on a base or planet or, if in flight, you have to step away from the ship controls momentarily with Esc. When you press C a new window will pop up with multiple options:

  • Save
  • Load
  • Missions
  • Manifest
  • Stats
  • Sector

When you open the Quine the first page shown is the news feed, with three filter options in the bottom right:

  • War news
  • Trade news
  • All news

You can scroll through these and read news about fighting between different factions (e.g. Pirates, Confed), systems being occupied and controlled, and trade news (i.e. news of events that increase demand of some commodity or e.g. a factory opening meaning some goods will become available at a lower price).

The buttons Save and Load are obvious.

Clicking on Missions will switch the left part of the display to the mission screen. Click on the left or right arrow keys to browse through all missions that you have accepted but not completed yet, together with their deadline, all that await payment, or that you have still to acknowledge as complete.

The Manifest button will give you a list of all cargo in your cargo hold and any passengers on board.

Stats it will reveal another group of buttons underneath to display a large selection of information:

Pressing Sector it will bring up two new buttons:

  • Trade
  • Maps

Maps is active per default. This button is identical in function to the maps you can consult in flight with the N key. It shows either a global map with all systems in the whole Ascii Sector or a more detailled map of all nav points, bases and planets in the current system. The Trade button lists every planet and base in the game alphabetically. If you mouse over a name it will give you information what the top import and exports at this location are, but only if you have already learned about them in the current game by landing there. This page also shows if you're temporarily banned from a planet due to crimes committed there.

Quine 4000 Edit

In older versions of the game the player started with a Quine 4000 and had to buy a modern Quine 5000 in an Equipment Store. This part of gameplay was removed with version 0.6.6.

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