Quests are user-generated missions/adventures that players can download from and play within Ascii Sector. Completing them earns you Achievements that will show up in your Quine 5000.

After you've downloaded them into Ascii Sector's quests directory press Q while landed on any planet or base to choose which quest to play. The plot is then usually kicked off by talking to a Bartender.

Note for Linux users: If you get a message like "Error: quests/quests/lady1.qst - File not found" at the end of a quest create a symlink in quests/ pointing to the current directory, like this:

cd quests
ln -s . quests

After that all quest should complete and show up in the Quine's Achievements tab correctly.

Quest Notes/WalkthroughsEdit

Writing Your OwnEdit

If you'd like to write your own story look at the commented source code of the "Kilrathi Hunt" example quest and download the Quest Maker's Manual qmanual.pdf from Ascii Sector's quest page above.

Note there is a bug when compiling quests yourself under Linux: When including image files with small letters in the names, like the example quest does, these *.img files must be present both as written in the source (i.e. with small letters) and with all capital letters (but still small .img ending), because the asciisector program is inconsistent about it. This doesn't matter under Windows, but Linux treats it as two differerent file names. So, before compiling make a copy/link for every *.img, e.g. for the example quest:

ln holo.img HOLO.img
ln intro1.img INTRO1.img

Alternatively edit all ShowImage commands in the quest source text to use all caps names e.g. "ShowImage : holo" becomes "ShowImage : HOLO" etc. and rename the files accordingly ("mv holo.img HOLO.img").

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