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The planet New Frankfurt is the main attraction in its namesake system, where it is tagged as Nav 4. Approaching from space you see three main continents covered by large urban areas, however a few smaller islands remain wooded and seemingly pristine. After landing you find yourself in a large town near a nice tropical-looking beach. In the north-east lies a unique mall with shops and a restaurant. You can talk to the shopkeepers and waitresses, but apart from that it serves no purpose except as a setting where quest plots may take place.

New Frankfurt does not belong to one of the usual planet classes. Instead, it predominantly produces various types of entertainment commodities, so you will need to come here eventually if a mission requires them.




New Frankfurt from space

Top imports: Generic Foods, Grain, Software, Gems, Artwork, Communications, Factory Equipment, Wood, Luxury Foods, Iron

Top exports: Movies, Home Entertainment, Games, PlayThing(tm), Holographics, Textiles, Space Salvage, Home Applicances, Pre Fabs, Computers

Contraband: none accepted