Ascii Sector Wiki

Munroe is a Pirate base in the TC-101 System, located at Nav 1.

This base is not only patrolled by pirates, but an additional asteroid field, surrounding Nav 2, blocks the path between the jump gates and the base itself. A recommended method is using the afterburner and continuously flying right until you are out of the nav point's range. Another trick is flying toward Nav 4 until almost in its range, then switching to your actual destination, that way you only pass through the asteroid field's outskirts instead of through its center.



Top Imports: Liquor, Tobacco, Gems, Grain, Generic Foods, Holographics, Medical Equipment, Advanced Fuels, Robot Workers, Food Dispensers

Top Exports: Ultimate, Brilliance, Plutonium, Slaves, Uranium, Weaponry, Space Salvage, PlayThing™

Contraband: all allowed