Excuse me, Lucky Lady

The player and a Nexus next to the Lucky Lady

The Lucky Lady is a casino ship and one of the star attractions in the ASCII Sector Universe. It is hidden in an asteroid field at Nav 2 in the Adavene System, guarded by five Hunter Orions.

The Lucky Lady is a refitted (and carpeted) Merchant Drayman, so you don't land, you dock with it by first targetting it and then stopping adjacent to it. After the boarding bridge has extended you may walk across. Leave any equipment in your locker, you won't be allowed inside the actual casino area if you have any weapons or armor. A total of eight casino guards, each armored and armed with a Vibroblade and an M-47 make sure nobody causes trouble.


  • Bar area with two barkeepers (not the usual bar i.e. no Fixers, Wingmen or sector news)
  • Cockpit (locked door)
  • Five slot machines (bet 1-3 credits)
  • Five toilets ('decoration' only)
  • Five video poker machines (bet 1-5 credits)
  • Sitting corner (decoration)
  • Six blackjack tables with croupier (bet 1-300 credits, possibly doubled or split)
  • Two entrance halls with two guards each
  • Two roulette tables with croupier (bet 1-300 credits on each of 156 placements)



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