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Boom, done. The first mission for Commander Arbisov.

Author: Flyboy
Space combat: easy, even starting Tarsus works
Character combat: none
Length: short, maybe 10 min
Prequel: none
Sequel: Shootout at OK Corral
File name: k1.qst
Download: (5.0 KiB)
Source: unavailable

NOTE: Before you begin, perform the following steps below or else you will never be able to complete the next part:

  1. Go to the main directory.
  2. Go to the quests folder.
  3. Create a new quests folder inside the current folder. (If you haven't created one)
  4. Copy/Move the quest file(s) to the directory.

Spoilers below this point


A bartender tells you Commander Arbisov on Loye Naval Base (Loye System) is looking for a pilot. Arriving there Arbisov (blue dot, initially in center) asks you to deal the final blow to a badly crippled Kilrathi Kamekh in the Vichy System. You'll be flanked by two Hunters.

The Centurion Laura and the Orion Hanson join you upon takeoff. Together, fly to Nav 3 in Vichy. The Kamekh is alone and completely nerfed, no turrets or missiles, weakened shields and armor. The Hunters can easily deal with it - in fact, if you're slow it'll blow up before you even get close enough to watch. Just fly circles avoiding its downgraded front guns.

After the fireworks report back to Arbisov and you're done.


You assisted the Confeds in destroying an attacking Kamekh, and earned a high standing with Commander Arbisov.