Author: Christian Knudsen

Difficulty: Easy (Should be completable with a Demon or Orion)

Length: Short (Should take about 20 minutes to complete)

Achievement: You helped secure evidence against the corrupt Admiral Tsikov, who had been selling weapons to the Kilrathi.

Prequel: N/A

Sequel: N/A

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Upon loading the quest, you will see the message:

Lately, there's been a rumor spreading amongst privateers.

A retired admiral has begun waging his own personal war on the Kilrathi.

Nobody knows why.

But word on the street is that he's looking for privateers to help him.

Privateers like you.

His name is Tsikov.

Admiral Tsikov.

Last you heard, he was operating out of Loye Naval Base.

You've decided to find out whether or not the rumor is true...

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When you talk to a bartender, he will tell you that there is a retired man named Admiral Tsikov who is looking for someone to work for him. Go meet him in the hotel of Loye Naval Base.

Once you talk to him, he will tell you to kill 5 Kilrathi for him. Now would be a great time to look in the Mercenaries Guild's terminal for scouting, patrol, and raid missions involving Kilrathi! Otherwise, you will need to find them yourself (they are more likely to spawn in neutral systems). Go back to him after you are done.

Now that you have gained Tsikov's trust and proved yourself worthy, he will give you another task. This time you are asked to find the Kilrati Kit'Ra'Shu somewhere in the Vortex Prime System. First patrol the four nav points Nav 1, 8, 6 and 7 to assess the Kilrathi's strength. You may kill the Kilrathi you find there, but don't need to.

Now you will need to find Kit'Sha'Ru, who will appear at Nav 3, but don't kill him or you will fail the quest! You should reply to his dialogue in this order:

  • "I'm listening."
  • "Yes" or "Maybe, what does it mean to you?"
  • "Why should I care?"

Kit'Sha'Ru will tell you that it is not safe to talk here, so meet him at Nav 5 of the Primeval 1 System. After you meet him, say these things to him in this order:

  • ​"All right, I'm here. Let's talk"
  • "What do you propose?"

You should now be ambushed by a group of Confeds. Kit'Sha'Ru must not die or you will not be able to advance further into the quest, however he is strong enough to defend himself easily so you can probably stay out of the fight. After this, say to him:

  • "So, where's the evidence against Admiral Tsikov?"

You will be told to go to Ganim in the Jovius System to meet a ship named the "Hidden Cat." Go there, and tell the Hidden Cat:

  • "I have been sent by Kit'Sha'Ru."
  • "He told me you had evidence against Admiral Tsikov?"
  • "Yes."
  • "Can I have it?"
  • "Sure, I'll escort you." - You can also save your game at this point before you say this, in case he dies.

Escort the Hidden Cat to Euris, don't let him die! Swarms of pirates will chase after him on your route there. It would be a good idea to match his speed and stay behind him.

Note: You should let him land on the base before you, as I experienced a bug here. Meet a person named Jacob Tully in the bar and kill him or pay him for the holodisk by saying "Alright, here you are..." This will give you an image of the holodisk. Also, two thugs (one equipped with a kevlar vest, laser gun, and knife, the other equipped with a C-244 pistol) will spawn on the base, so watch out! They are both brown dots on the map. If you stay far enough from them they won't fire at you.

Go to the base New Beijing and find a person named Governor Hamilton in the city hall. The quest ends and you get this epilogue:

Admiral Tsikov was arrested by Confed forces only two hours later.

The court-matial against him was prepared.

But news soon spread that the corruption didn't end with the Admiral.

And that he would be cleared of all charges in a mock trial.

A prisoner transport was scheduled to bring him before the military court. It never arrived.

Evidence pointed to a Kilrathi attack. No bodies were recovered from the debris.

Only the ship's black box.

The last message received by the transport was as follows: "Apes can't be trusted to clean up their own mess."

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