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Iridion is a pleasure planet in the Zepyranth System, located at Nav 1. Its spaceport is situated on a sunny peninsula with long beaches, a few palm trees and (quite unnecessarily) a pool.

The massage parlor is unoccupied, however the building south of it features an NPC that is unique in the game, anatomically.


  • Map

  • Exchange
  • Hotel
  • Massage (decoration, serves no purpose)
  • Shipyard (not offering new ships)
  • Topless XXX Dancing (decoration, serves no purpose)


Top imports: Ultimate, Luxury Foods, Brilliance, PlayThing(tm), Holographics, Robot Servants, Gems, Liquor, Movies, Textiles

Top exports: none

Iridion from space

Contraband: trades Tobacco, Brilliance, Ultimate