The Flyboy Maneuver is a strategy to win space combat against a far stronger but slower ship than one's own, as is often the case in advanced Mercenary missions.

Fighter versus Capital ShipEdit

The Flyboy Maneuver can be employed against a capital ship when you are flying a fighter-sized ship with a rear turret (preferably an Orion). You constantly fly in one direction precisely as fast as your opponent can follow (use Shift-M). Adjust the distance so that your rear turret will fire at the capship while, ideally, some of the enemy weapons are too short range to reach you. Because of your small size, you will evade 2/3 of the weapons or, depending on distance, even stay in their blind spot completely.

Capital Ship versus Capital ShipEdit

The best method for capital ship versus capital ship combat involves the player flying a Pegasus. Ideally, the player wants to equip the rear turret with a Fusion Cannon, Gun Boost Mk III and Gun Cooler Mk III before combat. The player follows the same process as if flying a fighter-sized ship: fly in one direction with enemy capital ship behind. The real trick is keeping the afterburner on so the enemy ship is far enough away to not damage the player's ship, but close enough that the rear turret is blasting away at the enemy. After several successful hits, the enemy ship will probably reduce speed. The Player will want to match the enemy ship's speed (Shift-M) as long as the enemy ship is targeted. After several minutes of adjusting speed and keeping ahead of the enemy ship, it should stop in its tracks, leaving it open for forward guns and missiles/torpedoes.

Newer versions of Ascii Sector increased the enemy flagships' laser range slightly so there is no longer a distance where your own turret AI fires whereas your enemy's doesn't. However if you maintain a distance just out of your opponent's turret AI range you can still hit your enemy if you operate your rear turret manually. To do this you have to stand up from your ship controls and walk to the rear turret control console. This of course means that you can no longer use the afterburner, so your ship must natively be at least as fast as your opponent.

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