Beginner Questions Edit

How does this game work? What's that flashing green dot? Edit

Read this first. You're welcome.

How do I land again? Edit

Fly over the base/planet and press C (Communication). If there are also ships nearby you have to choose who to talk to: select the planet (first entry). Then select "Request automatic landing." Then read this.

With which key do I...? Edit

Press H for a quick keyboard help.

Screen has a red frame and moves so slowly? Edit

You're in ground combat mode. Press Esc to get out.

How do I save my game? Edit

Call up your "Quine 5000" computer by pressing C. Apart from maps, news and various infos it has Save and Load buttons. This only works while landed on a base or planet.

Where can I see what extras my ship has? Edit

Walk into a shipyard (most bases have one) and access the terminal (gray square, walk into it). Click on the Sell tab, where you see your ship upgrades listed. Except the Cargo Expansion, it's never listed because it can't be sold again. Click on the Buy tab. If it's still there below the Shield Generators you don't have it yet. At the start of the game you don't.

And can I sell my Tarsus's starting outfits? Edit

You can. Whether it's wise is a different matter. For example selling your Jump Drive is a stupid idea, because without being able to travel between star systems it's hard make profit - impossible even, if your current system only has one base. Some other parts can be sold with less crippling consequences and might be worth the inconvenience if you need the money to invest e.g. in a Merchants Guild membership.

Can I use that toilet thingy in my Tarsus? Edit

Umm... no, that's actually meant to be a table with a chair in front. [awkward silence] Anyway, that's just for decoration... (Fun fact: the only toilets in the whole game are those on the Lucky Lady casino ship. No wonder that ship is heavily guarded.)

Which commodities are best to buy? Edit

Rule of thumb: buy what a base has the largest surplus of. Usually Amount > 1000, that's quicker to see than comparing local with index prices. However, once you have so much cash that your ship's cargo capacity becomes the limiting factor shift to more expensive items. Also use common sense: agricultural planets produce lots of food cheap, whereas nothing grows on mining asteroids, so they need food but produce metals and gems. Pleasure planets don't produce anything, nothing is cheap there. Also maybe look at the third section of the Privateer's Guide: Assorted Hints.

The Merchants Guild won't provide mission cargo? Edit

Correct, you have to buy that at the Exchange as usual. Spend money to make money. Expect to invest about half of the pay promised in the mission description for buying the required cargo beforehand. The other half will then amount to your net profit. Still, you'll double the money you have to invest, that margin is a lot better than most trades you can find on your own. Don't accept a Merchants mission if you can't afford to fulfill it.

Advanced Questions Edit

Where can I get some amount of Contruction? Edit

If you're unlucky your game has no base or planet that stocks significant amounts of this commodity. This is likely a bug. It is wise never to accept Merchants missions asking for Construction unless you know where to get it from.

How do I reduce my fines? Edit

Fines are paid on Port Newton in the Loye system. The bureaucracy can be a little annoying though, you have be warned!

How can I smuggle without those Confeds always busting me? Edit

Fight their enemies until the Confed turn friendly towards you instead of just neutral (check in Quine 5000). Once they trust you they'll scan you a lot less often. Also you can purchase Hidden Compartments at pirate bases for 2000 credits per cargo unit. According to the Ascii Sector manual you can hide up to 10% of your ship's total cargo space that way. Beyond that you can only try to keep your routes short, save often and hope the don't catch you.

How am I supposed to assassinate someone when I keep missing? Edit

There's a shooting range on Manurhin (Vichy System). Practice with laser weapons so not to waste expensive ammo. Remember that rifles require your other hand to be empty.

The Autodoc didn't fully refill my health bar? Edit

Yes, the Autodoc only closes injuries and critical wounds. The rest has to heal on its own within the next few hours.

What's the difference between injuries and critical wounds? Edit

While injuries delay regaining your full health, even without assistance they will heal eventually. Critical wounds never heal on their own, they worsen over time, and if you don't reach an Autodoc within a few hours you may even bleed to death.

How do I get the blood stains off my nice ship floor? Edit

Assuming you aren't still bleeding, buy a Repair Droid at the next shipyard and wait a bit. Or embrace the new color scheme and strive for full coverage.

I'm supposed to destroy a capital ship! How on Earth...? Edit

Shouldn't you say "How on Basin...?" Once your reputation is high enough the Mercenaries Guild will offer missions to destroy a hostile Nexus or even a Kamekh. Try the Flyboy Maneuver. Note that winning the mission doesn't actually require the rest of your attack fleet to survive - and usually they don't.

How do I get achievements listed in my Quine? Edit

See the quests article.

The game asked me if I'm female or male. Why? Edit

It only changes how various clerks and officers in the game address you when talking to them. It has no influence on actual gameplay.

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