Equipment stores are located on most of the planets or bases you may come across. Here you can purchase and sell armor, guns, munitions, etc for character combat. Generally you sell items at only half the original purchase price, even less if they are damaged (armor) or partly used up (ammo, pepper spray, Brilliance Ampule, Refined Ultimate).

The gun and rifle weights and prices below refer to an empty weapon without magazines in them, those for degradable/usable items are for a full item. The Kilrathi weapon/ammo and Brilliance/Ultimate item purchase prices are theoretical, as they cannot be bought, only sold (for half the price).

Kilrathi items can only be found on their ships. The two drug items can only be gotten from stunning/killing civilians. Interestingly, Pirates and Retros never have any, including NPCs walking around on pirate bases, who also count as pirates, not civilians. The exception are customers sitting in a pirate bar: the Quine counts them as pirates when killed, still they may own drugs.

Note: don't confuse Brilliance Ampule/Refined Ultimate equipment items with Brilliance/Ultimate commodities, which can be bought normally at Exchanges trading them. The equipment items don't show up on Confed contraband scans, whereas the commodities do.


Equipment Weight (kg) Purchase price Notes
Kevlar Vest 20.0 1000
Titanium Vest 35.0 2000
NanoComp Vest 10.0 3000 least durable
Plasteel Helmet 10.0 800

Melee WeaponsEdit

Equipment Weight (kg) Purchase price Uses
Knife 0.2 100
Stunrod 0.7 400
Vibroblade 0.5 350
Pepper Spray 0.2 250 20


Equipment Weight (kg) Purchase price Shots
M-47 SemiAuto Laser Gun 2.0 350
C-244 Pistol 2.0 300 10
M-42 Machine Pistol 4.0 550 12
MPR-27 Pulse Gun 5.0 800 8
Kilrathi Gun 8.0 4000 16


Equipment Weight (kg) Purchase price Shots
M-39 Laser Rifle 3.0 600
C-47 Assault Rifle 5.0 500 6
MPR-481 Pulse Rifle 8.0 1400 4
Kilrathi Rifle 12.0 6000 10


Equipment Weight (kg) Purchase price Type
C-47 Clip 0.3 25 6 rifle rounds
C-244 Clip 0.4 25 10 gun rounds
M-42 Clip 0.5 40 12 gun rounds
MPR-27 Clip 0.7 200 8 gun charges
MPR-481 Clip 0.8 350 4 rifle charges
Kilrathi Gun Clip 1.0 600 16 gun charges
Kilrathi Rifle Clip 1.2 1000 10 rifle charges


Equipment Weight (kg) Purchase price Notes
Hand Grenade 0.7 200 thrown
Smoke Grenade 0.5 100 thrown
ElectroCuffs 0.8 150 reusable
Brilliance Ampule 0.2 4000 3 uses, half time
Refined Ultimate 0.2 9000 4 uses, neg. time
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