Any negative actions will earn you fines and a Criminal Record. The higher your fines, the more likely you will have a bounty put on your head. First Hunters will come after you for the bounty, once you've accumulated a high enough set of fines Militia and Confeds will join the Hunters to try and kill you for the bounty.

Committing crimes on a base will lock you out of that base for a number of days depending on the crime committed and will continue to lengthen if more crimes are committed. While locked out of a base you will be unable to use any of its services or systems or dock (should you leave) for the duration of the ban; you can still accept Fixer missions however. Attempting to dock at a base you're locked out of will result in a message stating you are banned from the base.

List of crimes on bases (except pirate bases and inside your ship):

Crime Description Penalty Must be witnessed?
Assault Attacking a civilian 2,000 credits Yes
Murder Killing a civilian 30,000 credits, 8 day ban Yes
Assault on a police officer Self explanatory 5,000 credits No
Killing a police officer Self explanatory 50,000 credits, 8 day ban No
Theft Taking any item from an unconscious or dead NPC 3,000 credits Yes

List of crimes in space:

Crime Description Penalty Must be witnessed?
Destroying a government vessel Destroying a militia/confed ship 20,000 credits No
Attacking a government vessel Attacking a militia/confed ship 2,000 credits No
Destroying a civilian vessel Destroying a merchant ship when it is not alone 10,000 credits Yes
Attacking a civilian vessel Attacking a merchant ship when it is not alone 1,000 credits Yes
Fleeing a contraband search Landing on a base or going through a jump gate while being scanned 500 credits No*
Smuggling contraband Carrying unhidden contraband on your ship after being scanned 1,500 credits No*
Transporting a corpse Carrying a corpse on your ship after being scanned 1,000 credits No*

* The only way to avoid these crimes while being scanned is to destroy every militia and confed ships in sight.

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