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Contraband is any cargo that is illegal according to Confed law. This includes weaponry, any of the three types of drugs (tobacco, Brilliance and Ultimate), radioactives (uranium and plutonium) and slaves. They are marked red in the Exchange screen and can't be traded on many planets and bases (price shown as 'N/A').

Confed ships can sometimes scan you for contraband. When contraband is present, the ship and other surrounding Confeds will start to attack you. Jettisoning your contraband when being scanned doesn't work either. On Pirate bases you can buy Hidden Compartments that prevent detection of up to 10% of your total cargo space for 2000 credits per cargo unit.

Interestingly, the drug items Refined Ultimate and Brilliance Ampules don't count as contraband, probably because they are equipment, not cargo i.e. can be sold at an Equipment Store, not at the Exchange.

List of Contraband Locally Legal in Bases[]

Note: Some of the data in the table below may be inaccurate. If you spot any error in this table, feel free to fix it.

System Planet/Base Contraband
Alabaster Acorn No Exchange
Primeval 2 Aeolus Plutonium, Uranium, Brilliance, Ultimate
MacAlister Alasdair Mor Slaves, Tobacco
New Beijing Andingmen Plutonium, Uranium, Slaves, Tobacco
Loye Basin Plutonium, Uranium, Tobacco
Rynkel Bellamy Plutonium, Uranium, Weaponry, Brilliance, Slaves, Tobacco, Ultimate
Argos Bloom Plutonium, Uranium, Tobacco
LV-426 Bounty Plutonium, Uranium, Weaponry, Brilliance, Slaves, Tobacco, Ultimate
Belle BPD-89 No Exchange
Jovius Callis Plutonium, Uranium, Slaves, Tobacco
Baranda Chi-Chi One Brilliance, Tobacco, Ultimate
Baranda Chi-Chi Two Brilliance, Tobacco, Ultimate
Icarus Daedalus Plutonium, Uranium, Brilliance, Ultimate
Saturnus Dione Plutonium, Uranium, Brilliance, Ultimate
Jovius Euris Plutonium, Uranium, Tobacco
Jovius Ganim None
New Beijing Guamao Plutonium, Uranium, Slaves, Tobacco
Haack Haack Naval Base Weaponry
Cassandra Hecuba Plutonium, Uranium, Tobacco
Vortex Prime Hooper's Hope Plutonium, Uranium, Brilliance, Slaves, Tobacco, Ultimate
Zepyranth Iridion Brilliance, Tobacco, Ultimate
Loye Loye Naval Base None
Vichy Manurhin Weaponry, Slaves, Tobacco
Saturnus Mimas Plutonium, Uranium, Slaves, Tobacco
Icarus Minos Plutonium, Uranium, Slaves, Tobacco
TC-101 Munroe Plutonium, Uranium, Weaponry, Brilliance, Slaves, Tobacco, Ultimate
New Beijing New Beijing None
New Frankfurt New Frankfurt None
Mendeleev Novy Norilsk Plutonium, Uranium
Haack Nuk's End Plutonium, Uranium, Brilliance, Slaves, Tobacco, Ultimate
New Frankfurt Planck Plutonium, Uranium
Cassandra Priam Plutonium, Uranium
Loye Pyrdion Brilliance, Tobacco, Ultimate
Mendeleev Ragozin Plutonium, Uranium
Vichy Sediver None
Primeval 1 Sisyphus Plutonium, Uranium, Brilliance, Slaves, Tobacco, Ultimate
Mendeleev Slavneft Plutonium, Uranium
Cheops Sneferu Plutonium, Uranium, Slaves, Tobacco
Sturm Stille Plutonium, Uranium, Slaves, Tobacco
Plexus Minor Totem Plutonium, Uranium, Brilliance, Ultimate
Zepyranth Tranton Plutonium, Uranium, Brilliance, Tobacco, Ultimate
Haack Trichinas Plutonium, Uranium, Brilliance, Ultimate
Bastille Trou No Exchange
New Beijing Xidan Plutonium, Uranium, Brilliance, Ultimate
Halfway XNN-26 No Exchange