Ascii Sector Wiki

Ascii Sector has its own commodity-based economy. The market index prices of these commodities fluctuate by supply and demand as the game progresses. The table below shows those commodities, and sample index prices taken at one point in the game. It will give you a general idea of the values. The unit of currency in the Ascii Sector is the credit.

The actual prices realized when buying/selling at an Exchange depend on the planet and are further influenced by certain events.


Price (approx.)
GrainGrain 21
Generic Food 37
Luxury Food 59
Furs 280
LiquorLiquor 53
PetsPets 94
Wood 101
Gems 943
IronIron 50
TungstenTungsten 91
PlutoniumPlutonium* 1156
UraniumUranium* 488
Artwork 96
Games 20
Movies 21
Advanced Fuels 502
Communications 49
Computers 76
Construction 98
Factory Equipment 98
Food Dispensers 107
Holographics 499
Home Appliances 93
Home Entertainment 46
Medical Equipment 532
Mining Equipment 93
Plastics 50
Prefabs 46
Robot Servants 462
Robot Workers 291
Software 94
Space Salvage 190
Textiles 50
Weaponry* 302
BooksBooks 48
PlayThing(tm) 21
Brilliance* 221
Slaves* 719
TobaccoTobacco* 111
Ultimate* 1100

* Brilliance, plutonium, slaves, tobacco, Ultimate, uranium, and weaponry are illegal contraband. While in space, being found in possession of such items (outside of hidden cargo compartments) during a contraband scan will result in your ship being attacked.