The player can engage in ranged or melee combat with other characters using equipment from the Equipment Store, or hand-to-hand without weapons (though you do more damage with weapons). Your abilities in combat are determined by your skills (displayed in your Quine 5000).

To engage in combat, the player must enter combat mode by pressing 'enter'. This happens automatically if you get attacked. Combat mode is kind of turn based, with every action taking a specific amount of time. Switch back to normal by pressing 'Esc' if no one is still attacking you.

While in combat, the player can receive injuries (heal over time) and critical wounds (don't heal). Visit an Autodoc to have them treated.

Once you have killed or immobilized a character, walk to them and press 'e' to view and take their posessions. They can be carrying money, goods, weapons, and other items. You can dispose of their bodies in flight by pressing 'm' and klicking on 'jettison'. Don't let the Confed catch you hauling a dead body around.

Ranged Combat Edit

Ranged attacks use rifles, pistols and grenades.

Rifles are more powerful then pistols and more accurate at a long range, but require your other hand to be empty, take longer to fire and usually provide less shots per ammo clip. Pistols are light, cheap weapons that allow the player character to shoot and reload quickly but are less powerful then rifles and grenades. If you are standing directly next to a character when shooting at them, there is a small chance that they can grab your weapon and knock it away from you.

To improve your shooting skill without risking your life head to the shooting range on Manurhin in the Vichy System. Use the weak laser-based gun or rifle, all others require ammunition, which would be a waste, just for practicing.

Grenades are thrown and explode with an adjustable delay. They come in two types: normal and smoke. Smoke grenades don't deal any damage but create a cloud upon explosion. It is not possible to target and fire weapons through the cloud, which allow the player to close to melee range without being shot at. They can also be used for practicing. Normal grenades are very powerful and kill or injure anyone within a certain range, not only the intended target, but also bystanders or the player if they are not cautious enough.

Melee combat Edit

Melee is close range combat with knives, stun rods, pepper spray or unarmed hits/kicks.

Knives are cheap, light and fast. Vibroblades are a more powerful kind of knife, which takes longer to use.

A Stun rod allow the player to stun their opponents, rendering them immobile. You can then use ElectroCuffs to capture them, e.g. to deliver them to the prison base Trou. Pepper spray is fast to use, only does a small bit of damage, but blinds the target.

Unarmed hits and kicks are difficult to train, but when your martial arts skills are maxed out they are deadly up close as they can stun, blind or kill the target when punched or kicked in the head.

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