• DominionPrivateer

    Commodity Icons

    December 28, 2018 by DominionPrivateer

    I'm adding a icon for every commodity on the ASCII Sector. 

    Here is the Grain (Icon made with Inkscape): 

    And I need help for the following commodities:

    Generic Foods, Luxury Foods, Furs, Gems, Artwork, Advanced Fuels, Communications, Construction, Factory Equipment, Food Dispensers, Holographics, Home Appliances, Home Entertainment, Mining Equipment, Plastics, Prefabs, Robot Servants, Robot Workers, Software, Space Salvage, Weaponry, PlayThing™, Brilliance, Slaves, Tobacco, Ultimate

    The icons made so far are: 

    I couldn't decide some of the commodities, so I made a poll for the audience to decide.

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