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Bellamy is a Pirate base in the Rynkel System, located at Nav 3. It has the appearance of a broken refinery, with only four of the projections still remaining, as if some battle took place here.

A map of Bellamy.

It is hidden in the center of an asteroid field and usually defended by a couple (varies, maybe 3-8) pirate Talon fighters at each Nav point and at the base itself, as is normal for pirate controlled systems. Don't even think of coming here in your starting Tarsus, however a well equipped Galaxy or anything tougher will do. Bellamy is more convenient to reach than the other two pirate base, because the asteroid field protecting it is not as vast as the others and the jump point coming from New Frankfurt doesn't have asteroids at all.



Top Imports: Liquor, Tobacco, Weaponry, Gems, Grain, Generic Foods, Holographics, Medical Equipment, Advanced Fuels, Robot workers

Top Exports: Plutonium, Ultimate, Uranium, Brilliance, Slaves, Space Salvage, Plaything™

Contraband: all allowed