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Welcome to the Ascii Sector Wiki

Ascii Sector is a space combat/exploration/trading game for Windows XP+, Mac OS X and Linux, which can be downloaded for free from Gameplay is inspired by Wing Commander: Privateer, however a ground-based component was added and the design is completely different.


2022 Update:
The link for the official ASCII Sector website has stopped working.
You can download the latest version of ASCII Sector (0.7.2) by clicking on this link below:

You start with a simple spaceship and can then accept missions or trade goods to earn enough money to upgrade your ship or buy a new one. You can engage in deadly fights both in space, on the ground and onboard spaceships, and you can have fun solving other players' quests (download separately), or even create your own using Ascii Sector's scripting language.

Miscellanous Stuff

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