The Ascii Sector is the sector of space in which the game's action takes place. It is modeled after the original Wing Commander: Privateer's "Gemini Sector". Currently there are four quadrants: the Crimson Quadrant, where the game starts, in the south west, the Viridian Quadrant in the north west, the Alizarin Quadrant in the south east and the Mauve Quadrant in the north east. The latter two are not much populated yet and might be expanded in a future release of the Ascii Sector game.

There are many factions vying for power within the sector. Though it is generally under Confed authority, Pirates, Retros and Kilrathi pose a constant danger, though they can also provide opportunities. You would do well to swap your wimpy starting Tarsus for a stronger ship if you want to survive, however to do that you need to earn money by trading or taking payed missions from people in bars. Later you can make a name for yourself as mercenary, headhunter or assassin.

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