Alasdair Mor is an agricultural planet in the MacAlister System, located at Nav 2. At least for now it is the only planet in the whole Mauve Quadrant and was the most recent addition to the game.

Alasdair Mor features a huge green continent across the whole width of the planet along the equator and a small one to the north. After landing you see the typical scenery of large grain fields with a few houses in them.

Facilities[edit | edit source]

Trade[edit | edit source]

Top imports: Robot Workers, Textiles, Construction, Slaves, Iron, Food Dispensers, Holographics, Home Appliances, Tungsten, Games

Top exports: GrainGrain, Generic Foods, Wood, Tobacco, Luxury Foods, Liquor, Pets, Furs

Contraband: trades Tobacco, Slaves

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